Pausa - Your Italian Break
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Pausa - Your Italian Break

About Us

Pausa literally means “break”

Pausa is the word commonly used by Italians and Spanish when wanting a break. It is also often used as a call to action to have a quick espresso or typical Italian snack/bite.

One little piece of Italy in his hands for the time of a break.

Opening hours:

mon - thu 10:00am - 11:00pm
Fri- Sat 10:00am - 12:00am
Sun 10:00am - 10:00pm
Pausa - Your Italian Break


Our pasta is made from organic durum wheat. According to the traditions of the Emilia-Romagna region, this pasta’s fine and thin texture cooks until al dente in just four minutes. Blended with all-natural sauces from Italy, it makes a tasty and time-saving meal.

Pausa - Your Italian Break


Pausa’s pizza is “al taglio” (by the cut). This rectangular or square delicacy is the only way Italians eat pizza on the go. It’s made in Rome with regional flour and Italian spring water, and is leavened for 72 hours in Italy before it makes the journey to Hong Kong. This long rising process not only ensures a better dough, characterised by its alveoli, or little bubbles, but makes it easier for us to digest and gives it a unique taste.

Each day, there are seven varieties to choose from with all toppings from a range of Slow Food-certified small producers.

What’s more, a traditional Focaccia Romana is available with signature ingredients such as Mortadella, Ham & Cheese, Parma Ham & Bufalina.

Pausa - Your Italian Break


Fresh artisanal Italian gelato is prepared in small batches at Pausa every morning, so it's always fresh. We "pour" it only request that's why we call it "Espresso", that in Italian means "prepared at the moment".

It contains no preservatives, has low sugar rate and less than four percent fat.

Whether in a stylish glass just like in Milan or in a classic cone – you can choose from signature flavours topped with fresh fruit, biscuits and chocolate for a soft, creamy snack.

Pausa - Your Italian Break


No Italian break would be complete without the finest espresso!

Pausa serves Arabica coffee from Illy.

Pausa - Your Italian Break


You can find us on:

Pausa - Your Italian Break

Pausa's founders

Love for authentic gelato, good food that takes time to grow, and artisanal traditions honed over centuries.

Francesco and Marco know how necessary it is to take a break from a busy day, and they realized that Italians have the ideal excuses to do so. But life's too short to drink stale brews or eat bland pizza, so they devoted themselves to finding the best ingredients from across Italy. Provisions arrive at Pausa twice a week, ready to become fresh, speedy meals and treats for customers who, like Italians, enjoy the better things in life.

Buon appetito!

"We share a love for authentic gelato, good food that takes time to grow, and artisanal traditions honed over centuries."


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